Eighteen delegates from De La Salle DasmariƱas, University of the East-Recto, University of Santo Tomas College of Commerce and Business, De La Salle Lipa, University of Cordilleras, Holy Angel University, Bulacan State University, Our Lady of Fatima University and San Miguel Corporation participated in the Workshop on Predictive Analytics Using XLStat organized by ORSP on June 17, 2017 at the Asia Pacific College in Humabon Place, Magallanes, Makati City.

The morning session was a lecture on: the Meaning of Predictive Analytics, Applications in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Fraud Detection, Logistics, Government and Non-Profit and Human Language and Thought, A short introduction on Machine Learning.

The Workshop covered the various applications using the various tools available in XLStat. Using Linear Regression, the class worked on the problem of predicting home prices and customer demand. Cluster Analysis was used to Predict Geographic Clusters using Population and then using Demographic Dynamics. Decision Tree was illustrated with the use of an application in Credit Scoring. Predicting Customer Churn with the use of Naive Bayes tool was tackled next. The tool K Nearest Neighbor was used to see how Breast Cancer can be predicted. Predicting Employee Attrition was tackled with the use of Logistic Regression and lastly, Support Vector Machine was used to predict Survivors of the Titanic.

Each participant was able to work on the data sets preloaded in the computer. All participants found the lecture and the workshop very relevant to their work and gave good feedback on the conduct of the Workshop. The Workshop materials were developed by ORSP Past President Francis Miranda.

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