During the January 31, 2017 Board Meeting called by President Francis Miranda, the ORSP Board elected the following officers for 2017 – 2019:

President Marie Shella T. Mariscal
(San Miguel Corporation)
Vice President Edwin Loma (Asia Pacific College)
Secretary Iris Ann Martinez
(University of the Philippines)
Treasurer Malu de Guzman U
(Ateneo de Manila University)

Joining the current officers are two new Board Members, Vicente Reventar (Ateneo de Manila University) and Dennis Cruz (De la Salle University).

Current Board Members completing the line up are: Dennis Beng Hui (De La Salle University),
Juanito Chan (Ateneo Graduate School of Business), Rene Estember (Mapua Institute of Technology), Francis Miranda (Immediate Past President, GfK Asia), and Nestley Sore (Adamson University)

Activities for 2017 had been calendared as follows:

Student Congress
March 11
N. Sore
Technical Worskhop
June 16-17
F. Miranda & E. Loma
Technical Forum
September 2
J. Chan & M U
National Conference
November 24
D. Beng Hui & I. Martinez

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