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ORSP May 2013 Technical Workshop
The Operations Research Society of the Philippines in cooperation with the Graduate School of Asia Pacific College cordially invites you to its May Technical Workshop

Topic: Optimizing Decision Making through Spreadsheet Modeling
May 31- June 1, 2013 (Friday-Saturday) Computer Lab 313, APC Building, Magallanes, Makati City

Speakers: Faculty from DLSU IE & M
Dennis Beng Hui, MSc IE
Bryan Gobaco, MSc IE

This 2-day course guides the participants in designing, building, and analyzing decision models covering from investment, cash-flow problems, budgeting, production and inventory planning, transportation and distribution, and discounts that are geared towards decision makers perspectives. The course introduces the participants to spreadsheet modeling using EXCEL including its SOLVER function.

Course Objective
After the course, the participants
1. Can develop basic decision models using spreadsheet
2. Can analyze and interpret these decision models
3. Can develop a user-friendly interface using the spreadsheet models that can easily be deployed for decision makers

Participants are expected to have some familiarity with using computers and basic EXCEL skills. Introductory background on operations management (OM) would be helpful since the course does not intend to discuss the foundations of OM but on how OM can be used to operationalize it into a decision making model.

Day 1
AM Session
- Introduction to MS Excel Spreadsheet
* Excel Interface
* Functions and Formulas
* Formatting and Data Processing
- Basic Spreadsheet Modeling of LP
* An Investment Problem
* Verification and Validation


PM Session
- Using Excel Solver for Optimization
* An Investment Problem
* Setting Objective Function, Decision Variable Cells
* Inputting Constraints
* Viewing Results
- Transportation Spreadsheet Model
- Blending Spreadsheet Model
- Production and Inventory Planning Spreadsheet Model
- Multi-Period Cash Flow Spreadsheet Model

Day 2
AM Session
- Understanding the Solver Reports (Answer, Sensitivity and Limits Reports)
 * An Investment Problem
- Transshipment Spreadsheet Model
- Shortest Path Spreadsheet Model
- Equipment Replacement Spreadsheet Model
- Generalized Network Flow Spreadsheet Model


PM Session
* Scheduling Spreadsheet Model
* Fixed-Charge Spreadsheet Model
* Quantity Discount Spreadsheet Model
* Capital Budgeting Spreadsheet Model
* Developing User Decision Support Tools with spreadsheet models
- Constructing A Spreadsheet Interface
- Deploying Spreadsheet Models for Use

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